USG 100 Security Gateway

ZyXEL Communications


The ZyWALL USG100 is a Unified Security Gateway designed to provide complete, enterprise-level advanced security solutions to Small and Home Office networks, recommended for up to 25 PC users. Its flexible configuration is designed to help network administrators efficiently set up, manage, and enforce network security policies.\n\nThe USG100 features an 180Mbps throughput ICSA certified SPI Firewall, and is designed with state of the art security features including a granular, easily manageable Content Filter; choice of ZyXEL or Kaspersky Anti-Virus; Anti-Spam; and IDP (Intrusion Detection and Prevention) for maximum network security. It also provides bandwidth management for QoS of VoIP, videoconferencing, and other important applications, as well as multiple-WAN Failover and Load Balancing. IPSec, SSL, and L2TP* VPN functionality allows telecommuters and home workers quick and easy access to corporate resources with most any device or network setup.\n\nBuilt with powerful Integrated High Performance Security architecture designed for Gigabit connections, a VPN Throughput of 90Mbps, a UTM throughput of 24Mbps, up to 20,000 max sessions and 50 concurrent IPSec VPN tunnels, the USG100 has the power to monitor and protect even high-throughput networks without sacrificing performance. And with a 5 year, industry-leading hardware warranty, you’ll be able to count on your USG100 to watch over your network’s safety well into the future.\n\nWith 5x Gigabit LAN/DMZ and 2x Gigabit WAN interfaces you can load balance and failover multiple ISP links, allowing you to safeguard even the largest high-bandwidth environments.


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