3TB SATA 64MB 3.5" HD Blue

WD Bulk Canada


BUILD IT IN BLUE. STORAGE CAPACITY UP TO 6TB.\n\nBoost your PC storage with WD Blue drives, the brand designed just for desktop and all-in-one PCs with a variety of storage capacities.\n\nImprove PC Performance\n\nGive your desktop a performance and storage boost when you combine your hard drive with an SSD to maximize speed of data access and a WD Blue drive for up to 6TB of additional capacity.\n\nPlan for the Future\n\nWith better technology comes bigger storage needs. Digital cameras that record ultra-high definition video at 4K resolution and 30 frames per second require a ton of storage. Handling all that media is a snap with our 6TB drive.\n\nTrust in WD\n\nWith legendary reliability, WD Blue drives are designed, tested and built to last, and ships with a 2-year limited warranty.\n\nAN EXCELLENT SOLUTION FOR YOUR EVERYDAY COMPUTING NEEDS\n\nThe WD Blue drive delivers performance, reliability, and capacity, making it an excellent solution for the everyday user.\n\nWill WD Blue hard drives work with my SSD?\n\nYes, WD Blue hard drives are a perfect combination with an SSD to help boost the system performance and capacity offering of your existing PC. For the best combo, purchase a WD Blue hard drive greater than 2TB to help plan for your future needs.\n\nWhich capacity is recommended for gaming?\n\nAs game sizes grow, so does the need for capacity. WD Black hard drives deliver the best performance and reliability for gaming as well as a longer 5 year limited warranty to match your other performance PC components.\n\nI save a lot of photos and videos. Which capacity is recommended?\n\nStorage size of 2TB to 4TB is best for users who take lots of photos and videos with their smartphone and want to confidently back up or have a copy of their data. Get reliability and capacity for your current and near-future needs.\n\nI have a NAS at home. Which drives do you recommend?\n\nThe WD Red drive is built specifically for NAS devices and is optimized for RAID and always-on 24/7 environments.


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