2TB My Cloud Personal NAS

WD Retail Canada


ACCESS ALL YOUR STUFF FROM ONE PLACE: YOURS\n\nReliable, centralized personal storage with automatic backup that plugs into your own home network. Share whatever you want, anywhere you have an Internet connection.\n\nEverything in One Place\n\nCentralize, organize and back up all your photos, videos and files in one reliable place.\n\nAccess Anywhere\n\nAccess and share all your favorite photos and videos using your computer, tablet and smartphone from anywhere you have an Internet connection.\n\nCollect and Share Photos\n\nEasily create one place for you and your friends and family to collect and share memorable photos so nobody misses a thing.\n\nYOUR OWN PERSONAL CLOUD\n\nWith the My Cloud personal storage device, you’re able to have reliable storage in one place for your photos, videos, important files – anything you save – and share it anywhere you have an internet connection. With the automatic backup and synchronization software, your content is up to date and accessible from all your devices.


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