260G2 DM Si36100U 500G 4.0G CA



The fully functional HP 260 Desktop Mini PC delivers the benefit of space saving design that can grow with your business and is equipped with the essential tools you need at an affordable price.\n\nWindows 7 Professional 64 (available through downgrade rights from Windows 10 Pro 64)\n\nWork confidently without the cost\nGet the affordably priced business ready desktop mini with the accessories3 and optional HP services3 you need plus power saving processors to help lower energy costs.\n\nSmall design, big versatility\nThe industrial design of the compact desktop mini with flexible mounting options3 and optional accessories3 help support a versatile range of use cases from desktop to public computing to digital signage.\n\nPowered to perform\nAccomplish tasks with 6th Gen Intel® processors and Intel® HD Graphics3 with the option to scale up to Core™ i52 and up to 32GB of DDR4 memory3 if your workload demands it.\n\nReady to grow\nThe system of accessories and expansion capabilities of the HP 260 Desktop Mini provide multiple options within one line of products to fit the needs of your diverse work environment.\n\nFeaturing\n\nLet nothing stand in your way\nHelp secure the future of your business. PCs from HP make the most of Windows 10 Pro1 to protect you from today’s security threats and maximize management and productivity features for business.\n\nPower-saving processors\nDo your part to reduce energy use and costs with processors that help consume less than half the energy of those in other mini PCs.\n\nFearless flexibility\nTake advantage of expandable and compatible HP mini accessories. Expand storage options,3 add legacy ports with expansion modules, help secure your device with security mounts,3 or take back your desk space with stands and work centers.\n\nConnect to more capabilities\nDo more on dual displays with an HDMI port and full HD VGA port, plus use 6 USB ports to plug in all the peripherals you need.\n\nEasy on\nHelp keep your investment safe and conveniently power up your desktop mini directly from the keyboard so you don’t have to open enclosures or strain for the power button when it’s out of reach.\n\nSpeedy storage\nChoose a standard hard drive or upgrade to a speedy and reliable solid state drive.\n\nEasy deployment\nEasily secure your system in a safe place. The lightweight desktop mini is easy to carry and store.\n\nHelp secure critical data\nThe embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM) provides hardware-based encryption to help secure your data and deter attacks from viruses and malware.\n\nWindows 7 Professional 64 (available through downgrade rights from Windows 10 Pro 64)


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